New Exclusive Bird Launches Accelerate Global Micromobility Growth

Across the US and Europe, new exclusive Bird launches are accelerating the growth and adoption of micro-electric mobility. 

The past month has seen a growing list of cities award and/or activate exclusive Bird permits to help meet the sustainable mobility needs of residents and visitors alike. These include Bend (OR), Reno (NV), Santa Rosa (CA), San Ramon (CA), Healdsburg (CA), Canton (OH), Annapolis (MD), Pittsfield (MA) and Bradenton (FL) in the US, as well as Cherbourg (FR), Blois (FR), Galve (SE), Piteå (SE) and Lido di Camaiore (IT) in Europe. 

“We are excited to welcome Bird to the City of Indio,” said Mayor Waymond Fermon of Indio, CA, another exclusive Bird partner city that launched in mid-April. “Whether going to the Farmers Market downtown, seeing some of the city’s new sculptures, commuting to work or school, residents and visitors now have another fun, eco-friendly way to get around.”

The exclusive launches and permit wins have a common thread uniting them: Bird Three scooters. Designed by our in-house team of aerospace and automotive engineers to be the most advanced and eco-friendly shared scooters available anywhere, Bird Three brings a host of innovative safety and sustainability tech to each of these new partner cities, including an IP68-rated battery (making it the only scooter with the most protected battery rating against dust and water damage), a state of the art Battery Management System, the industry’s longest footboard for increased stability and a host of other unique safety innovations.

Combined, these features help distinguish Bird Three from other shared scooters purchased from third party manufacturers. 

Growing Signs That Bird Scooters Help US Small Businesses

In addition to their technology, there’s a growing body of evidence to show that Bird scooters are also a boon for local businesses.

In Beaumont, Texas, where Bird recently launched, Cracklin Kings restaurant owner Prentiss Semien credited the arrival of Bird scooters with a surge in business during the slow months of December and January.

“People who were out here, out and about, of course they were hungry,” said Semien. “They didn’t want to go home and eat, so they stopped by and came inside. It actually saved our business. It helped us out tremendously, so we really appreciate the scooters.”

Semien’s statement echoes the findings of a 2021 study from Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business, which found that every deployed e-scooter brings in around $2,200 annually in increased incremental spending at local shops and restaurants. 

To learn more about how exclusive Bird launches are delivering safe, sustainable mobility and economic benefits to over 400 partner cities around the world, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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