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Bird Platform

Manage your own fleet of e-scooters with the power of Bird Platform.

How it works

Bird Platform enables independent operators to manage their own fleet of shared e-scooters.

Branded Vehicles

Industry-leading vehicles specifically designed and built to be used for shared mobility, branded for your company.

Operating Software

Mobile access for your fleet staff and riders, data dashboard with real-time metrics that matter to you, and GovTech features to assist in regulation compliance.

Account Management

An extensive suite of materials, ongoing personal support, and curated best practices from over 125 markets around the world.


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Bird will sell its vehicles at cost to all independent operators participating on the platform. Operators will enjoy Bird’s economies of scale, which will only grow as more operators join the platform (i.e. a purchasing co-op). Operators will be able to brand the scooters and run through the Bird app. Scooters will arrive map-ready, equipped with the latest in GPS, anti-theft technology, and Government Technology.



Set your pricing, operating hours, and zoning to keep your riders happy and your market on track for success. Build a local team to help charge and maintain your scooter fleet.  Optimize your operations with advanced metrics, historical performance, and geospatial tooling exclusively built for our platform partners.


In exchange for all of these benefits, Bird will charge a service fee on every scooter ride.

Get started


Tell us about you, your operating plan, and vision for your e-scooter company.


We’ll work together to determine the right vehicle for your company and the right fleet size for each market.


Receive your vehicles, get on-boarded with Bird’s tools, and seamlessly kick-off operations.

Start your fleet

Bird Platform invites independent operators from around the globe to start their own fleet of e-scooters. Sign up to join the waitlist.

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