Mobility Milestone: The UK Is Set to Legalize Personal E-Scooter Use

It’s official. Well, almost.

Personal e-scooters like our Bird Flex will likely soon be joining e-assist bikes like our insanely fun Bird Bike on the streets of the UK, increasing micro-electric mobility access for millions.

The proposed transportation rule changes, which include a pathway for legalizing private e-scooter use on public roads, were a key highlight from today’s speech by Prince Charles setting out the roadmap for future legislation in the upcoming parliamentary session:

“Her majesty’s Government will improve transport across the United Kingdom, delivering safer, cleaner services and enabling more innovations.”

Any expected laws legalizing personal e-scooters on UK roadways likely won’t take effect for months, but their impact is already highly anticipated. Just last month, industry outlet Zag reported that, according to a recent study, “more than 13 million people earning under £25k would consider using an e-scooter if legalised.”

Bird’s position as the longest serving shared e-scooter operator, with an industry-leading vehicle team made up of former aerospace and automotive engineers, paired with our rich experience in both shared and privately owned micro-EVs, as with our recently launched bike partnership with Halfords in the UK, make us uniquely equipped to serve the micromobility needs of all UK riders.

We celebrate the decision by the UK as it helps drive greater mode shift from ICE vehicles and reduces carbon emissions in communities. To learn more about both micromobility in the UK and developments on the legalization of personal e-scooter use, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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