Bird and Sciences Po Bdx’s Ausone Conseil Team to Address Mobility Opportunities

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When academics, elected officials and e-mobility operators team up, it can mean big things for urban transportation.

That’s the idea behind Bird’s partnership with Ausone Conseil,  Junior Entreprise at Sciences Po Bordeaux. Working together since 2020, we recently launched a study to better understand the local challenges to sustainable mobility alternatives like bikes and scooters in one of France’s largest and most important cities. We then presented our findings to key city and academic stakeholders.

The event, entitled “Efficient and Sustainable Mobility Across the Bordeaux Metropole”, was held on the campus of Sciences Po Bordeaux on Tuesday, the 8th of March. It featured participants including Camille Uri, transportation advisor to Bordeaux Mayor Pierre Hurmic, Dominique Darbon, Director of Sciences Po Bordeaux, as well as Lea Marty, public affairs manager at Qucit, Mohamed Mosbah, Vice-President of Bordeaux INP and Adrien Le Léon, Director of Partnership at Bordeaux University Foundation. 

“Since 2020, Bird and Ausone Conseil have worked together to provide a mobility service in Bordeaux that truly meets the unique transportation needs of the city,” said Victoire Foeillet, President of the Junior Entreprise. “The studies we led in 2020 and 2021 have helped enrich our understanding of how riders and residents engage with micromobility, informing policy and operations decisions that, we hope, will lead to a more sustainable and connected transportation network in Bordeaux.”

Among the key findings of the Bird and Ausone Conseil study was the strong correlation between the metropole’s youth (aged 18-30) and a desire to see a wider variety of infrastructure and transportation options to accommodate micro-electric vehicles.

Interestingly, only 35% of survey respondents in Bordeaux between 18-24 use a personal car as a regular means of transportation, compared to 89% of those aged 50-65. Similarly, 81% of younger respondents support the transition of individual, on-street car parking spaces into strategic parking zones for bikes and scooters. 

Our event at Sciences Po Bordeaux is the latest in a series of initiatives by Bird to help increase micromobility access across the city. These include an ongoing partnership with Carte Jeune that provides discounts to riders in Bordeaux between the ages of 18-25 and an industry-first integration with the city’s V3 bikeshare program that gives Bird riders free, seamless access to local docked bikes.

To learn more about how Bird is working to help improve sustainable transportation in Bordeaux and in over 350 partner cities around the world, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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