Bird Unveils New Community Ride Grants in Oslo, More Cities to Follow

Micromobility should serve the entire community. 

That’s the idea behind Bird’s new Community Ride Grants program being unveiled in Oslo this week.

Built as a way to provide even more nonprofit organizations with direct access to high-quality, micromobility transportation, the program makes it easy for local groups to request and receive support from Bird that will help them achieve their community goals. 

“Our commitment to unsurpassed micromobility operations in cities means being a trusted part of the community,” said Brian Buccella, Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Consumer Products at Bird. “Experience has taught us that our team and our vehicles can often enable local nonprofit organizations to better serve those around them, and with our new Community Ride Grants program we’re able to make that assistance even more streamlined and accessible.”

The program kicks off today in Oslo, Norway and will be replicated in local Bird partner cities in Europe throughout the coming weeks. Nonprofits who could benefit from Bird micromobility support, including free rides, are encouraged to click on the link above to access our dedicated Community Ride Grants page for more information and access to our rapid submission form. 

The announcement comes just days after Bird announced a series of partnerships in Italy with the country’s national Youth Card and Roma Tre University to help increase nationwide access to micromobility. 

To learn more about how we’re working with cities and organizations to ensure micro-electric mobility benefits as many people as possible, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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