Bird Officially Supports Vision Zero Network to Advance Mobility Safety

Everyone has the right to safe mobility.

This is a core principle at Bird. It’s why we work every day to develop new safety technologies. It’s also why we’re proud to be an official supporter of the Vision Zero Network, a national campaign dedicated to eliminating traffic deaths and making transportation safer and more equitable for everyone. 

“Ensuring safe mobility includes working with community partners to implement common sense, data-driven reforms like decreasing automobile speeds, investing in safe roadway designs and other changes that prioritize the well-being of vulnerable road users,” said Jenn Fox, program director at Vision Zero Network. “We’re grateful to companies like Bird for supporting these efforts. When organizations come together to increase mobility safety, the positive ripple effects can be significant.”

In addition to advocating safety reforms and convening Vision Zero communities to share best practices, Vision Zero Network has developed a robust resource library and diverse resources to support on-the-ground work. By shifting the paradigm and prioritizing safety over speed, governments, private companies and the general public can make a difference in the fight to end traffic fatalities. 

Building Better Micromobility Infrastructure

Among Vision Zero Network’s’s ongoing priorities, the push for safe infrastructure for everyday transportation is one that particularly resonates with us. A recent University of Colorado study demonstrated that the addition of bike lanes in cities doesn’t just reduce serious cycling injuries—it decreases fatalities for all road users.

This is why Bird partners with local city governments to responsibly share data that can be used to understand the mobility habits of riders and properly plan for infrastructure enhancements. But we also go a step further. Our recently-released Community Safety Zones extend our network of geofenced slow-riding zones, focusing on additional centers of high pedestrian activity like schools. In this way, Bird is building digital safety infrastructure to accompany the physical infrastructure being implemented by cities. 

“It is fantastic when companies innovate to support community traffic safety,” said Jenn Fox. “Community Safety Zones can support localities working to improve safety for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. We’re impressed by the initiative and Bird’s efforts to listen to local communities and respond to community feedback.”

For more information on Bird’s support of Vision Zero, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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