Bird Goes Multimodal in Rome with Bird Bikes, E-Moped Integration

All those roads leading to Rome now have something else in common: they can all be ridden on a multimodal fleet of Bird micro-EVs.

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of our multimodal fleet in the Italian capital. In addition to Bird scooters, riders in Rome now have access to hundreds of Bird Bikes as well as Zig Zag e-mopeds right from the Bird app.

The launch is part of our unique Smart Bikeshare Program that aims to help increase sustainable mobility alternatives for Rome’s millions of residents and tourists. First announced in June, this global program gives riders seamless access to our brand new, e-assist Bird Bikes as well as local bike and e-moped operators such as Zig Zag.

“Our partnership with Bird is helping establish a new industry standard, one that benefits riders, cities and local businesses alike,” Zig Zag founder Emanuele Grazioli said earlier this year when we announced our first integration in Florence. “Integrating with Bird has given millions of scooter riders the opportunity to experience the benefits of e-mopeds. When operators like Bird and Zig Zag cooperate to make more clean transportation choices available, everyone wins.”

Rome is the first city globally to offer riders a suite of three micro-electric vehicle options directly through the Bird app: Bird scooters, Bird Bikes and Zig Zag e-mopeds. It comes on the heels of another global first in Bordeaux in November, where we launched our first fleet of Bird Bikes in Europe along with an integration with local bikeshare operator V3. 

Each Bird Bike comes equipped with a host of safety and sustainability features including dual hand brakes, advanced onboard diagnostics, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy framing and a maximum range of more than 50 miles on a single battery charge.

To access Zig Zag e-mopeds, riders can simply tap the clearly marked icons in the Bird app. They will then be taken seamlessly to the Zig Zag user interface to complete their rental.

Continued Momentum in Italy

The launch of our Bird Bikes and expanded integration with Italian e-moped operator Zig Zag in Rome are the latest in a series of positive new developments for micromobility in Italy.

In the past month, Bird has secured RFP wins in Sesto Fiorentino and Quartu Sant’Elena in addition to launching our first fleet of shared scooters in the coastal city of Alghero. Our close, collaborative relationship with a growing number of partner cities in Italy means we’re able to serve the sustainable transportation needs of more riders throughout the country, from large metropolitan hubs like Rome and Florence to sunny Mediterranean cities in Sardinia. It’s also a positive trend as we move into 2022, indicating that more people are relying on Bird’s micro-electric vehicles to reduce or replace trips by gas-powered cars.

To stay up to date on the continued growth and success of Bird’s unique Smart Bikeshare Program in Rome and more than 350 partner cities around the world, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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