Bird and eMO Team Up to Turn Berlin Drivers Into Micromobility Riders

How do you get city dwellers to give up their cars and adopt more sustainable mobility alternatives like electric scooters? 

That’s exactly the question Bird and the team at Berlin’s Agency for Electromobility (eMO) are getting ready to answer with DEINE FLOTTE 2020. The idea is simple: ask participants to voluntarily put down their car keys for a month in exchange for free rides on a host of mobility options including shared bikes and electric scooters.

Throughout the campaign, Bird will be offering 7 free rides (up to 20 minutes) per person on our industry-leading Bird One electric scooters in Berlin. That’s enough rides to immediately enroll participants in the platinum level of our Frequent Flyer loyalty program. When the month is over, volunteers from the Technical University of Berlin will help to analyze results and share them publicly. 

The initiative is the latest in a series of rider-focused programs being launched throughout Germany to help encourage modeshift away from private automobiles. 

“The mobility world is becoming more colourful, more diverse and often more fun,” said Gernot Lobenberg, Director of eMO. “DEINE FLOTTE would like to convince more people to leave their private cars behind and try out the many available alternatives. We at eMO support the project, and we’re delighted about the many vouchers that mobility providers such as Bird are making available to the campaign free of charge.”

To sign up for DEINE FLOTTE (or YOUR FLEET in English), simply follow the link to the official registration page, enter your information and click “Submit.” You can also stay up to date on new electric scooter programs happening around the world by subscribing to the Bird Cities Blog.

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