Bird 3-Year Contract in Reno Approved Ahead of 2022 Mayors’ Conference

Scooters have moved a big step closer to returning to Reno.

After a unanimous vote by the Reno City Council, Bird has been awarded a conditional exclusive three-year contract to operate e-scooters in “The Biggest Little City in the World.” The micromobility program will focus on expanding transportation access for Reno’s 250,000 residents.

“The industry has changed for the better,” said Councilmember Devon Reese, referencing Reno’s three-year pause on micromobility operations. “It provides opportunities for people to access transportation and get out of the food deserts.”

Our local team in Reno is committed to ensuring that the opportunities referenced by Councilmember Reese are fully and safely realized. Prior to final approval and launch in 2022, we’ll be holding outreach events with local businesses and organizations to listen to concerns, answer questions and discuss specific ways scooters can be used to the greatest advantage. We’ll also be checking in regularly with local officials as we develop a bespoke operations and parking plan to meet the needs of all Reno residents. 

Our recently released 2021 data report, which highlights Bird riders’ more than $100 million in estimated incremental spending in cities this year, offers an optimistic look at how a well-managed micromobility program can benefit Reno. This includes significant CO2 reductions from modeshift journeys that would otherwise have been made by car. 

The unanimous approval of the city’s exclusive three-year e-scooter contract comes as Reno prepares to host the 90th Annual US Conference of Mayors in June, 2022. 

To learn more about Bird’s growing micromobility network which includes more than 350 cities around the world, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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