Roll Without Risk: Bird and German Road Safety Council Team Up on Scooter Safety

According to Germany’s Forsa polling institute, only about 50% of e-scooter riders in the country are aware that the same blood alcohol limits that apply to drivers apply to them as well. 

We’re hoping to change that. 

That’s why Bird is proud to participate in the German Road Safety Council’s (DVR) Roll Without Risk campaign. The initiative is designed to help protect scooter riders and other road users by clarifying the rules of shared micromobility use across all German cities.

Specifically, Bird scooters throughout the country will now be equipped with highly-visible stickers and hangtags educating riders on best safety practices. Prompts include:

    E-scooter riders must use cycle paths (or, if none are available, the roadway).
    Riding e-scooters on sidewalks and in pedestrian zones is prohibited.
    Riding with more than one rider per vehicle is not allowed and subject to a fine.
    Those with a blood alcohol level above 0.5% will receive at least 1 fine (500 Euro), 1 month driving ban and 2 points in the fitness to drive register.
    When parking your  e-scooter, always ensure that nobody is hindered and that paths are not blocked.
    There is no obligation to wear a helmet. However, wearing one is strongly recommended. 

“Increasing e-scooter riders’ awareness and understanding of the rules is essential to improving road safety,” said Prof. Dr. Walter Eichendorf, President of the DVR. “Only those who know the rules and abide by them can avoid accidents for themselves and others.” 

Notices will be available in both German and in English to help educate international tourists as well as well as local e-scooter riders. The initiative comes just weeks after our local Bird team in Munich, Germany held a responsible, COVID-aware scooter demonstration in cooperation with the City administration instructing riders on the importance of micromobility safety. 

To learn more about community-focused safety campaigns and other initiatives happening in our around the world, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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