Hello, PayPal: Bird Adds New Payment Option to Increase Scooter Access

PayPal’s open digital payment platform offers financial service access to more than 325 million individuals. Now it gives them access to the world’s most advanced sustainable e-scooters as well.

Starting this week, micromobility riders around the world can set PayPal as the preferred payment option on their Bird account. The additional payment option is designed to extend the reach and availability of shared e-scooters to those who may not have, or may not prefer using, a personal bank card or credit card. 

To link PayPal to your Bird account:

  • Tap the Options icon on the top left corner of the Bird app
  • Select “Payments” from the dropdown menu
  • Select “PayPal” and connect to your account

“Every country and every micromobility rider is different, so it’s our responsibility to ensure that we’re providing them with the options that best meet their diverse needs,” said Ryan Fujiu, Chief Product Officer at Bird. “During our initial PayPal rollout in Europe and the Middle East, we saw 20% of new riders opting to make it their preferred payment option. Our findings suggest that these kinds of expanded payment options are having a positive impact, unlocking micromobility access for millions more riders worldwide.”

The integration comes as more riders are turning to safe, sustainable and socially-distant e-scooters to reduce car use and supplement reduced public transit service due to COVID-19. Last month, we unveiled our expanded Community Pricing Program to help meet the mobility needs of a changing world, and earlier in November we announced an ongoing partnership with Revolut offering up to 40% off e-scooter rides through March 27, 2021.  

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