At Long Last, Bird Bikes Launch in Paris

Bird Bikes have officially launched in Paris.

For the first time since the city took dramatic steps to transform its transportation infrastructure in response to the global pandemic, adding over 50 kilometers of new bike lanes, Bird Bikes are available on the streets of the French capital to help further encourage cycling and micromobility use.

Each shared Bird Bike in Paris is equipped with a high-powered motor capable of helping riders coast up hills with as much as a 20% grade without breaking a sweat. They also include other great features such as advanced onboard diagnostics and geospeed technology for safe and efficient bikeshare operations.

“We’re honored to be serving the sustainable mobility needs of millions of Parsians and visitors to the world renowned French capital,” said Renaud Fages, a French national and Chief Mobility Officer at Bird. “Paris, through its unrelenting focus on pedestrian and cyclist safety, is leading the global push towards redesigning cities to put people ahead of cars, and Bird is fully committed to being a trusted city partner on that mission.”

Starting today, hundreds of Bird Bikes will be deployed in Paris with a special, limited-time pricing of 1€ per 15 minutes* of riding during the promotional launch event. 

A New Approach to Parking, Powered by Google

The launch of Bird Bikes in Paris is the second major company announcement in two days, coming less than 24 hours after the unveiling of our revolutionary Bird Visual Parking System (VPS) powered by Google’s ARCore Geospatial API. 

Combined, the two technologies could dramatically improve how micromobility functions not only in Paris, but in over 400 other Bird partner cities around the world.

Bird VPS leverages years of Google 3D scanning, augmented reality (AR) technology and Google Maps Street View data from around the world and uses it to geo-localize parked scooters with centimeter-level precision using just a simple scan from a rider’s smartphone camera. This powerful, scalable new feature is poised to dramatically improve micromobility operations globally.

To learn more about Bird’s operations in Paris and other major European cities, as well as our new technologies that are changing the micromobility industry, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

* Special promotional pricing available for a limited time only, regular pricing begins after the 15th minute.

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