“How To” Austin City Limits

Welcome to Bird’s Insider Guide for ACL, 2019! Back in March, we encouraged you all to keep Austin weird. We highlighted some of our favorite places to Bird, the best coffee and the craziest art displays. This time around, we’re giving you the ultimate survival guide to ACL, Bird edition. 


What to pack

Small bags are the move this weekend. Think drawstring bags or fanny-packs. But if you want to cruise through the security line, we recommend no bag (if you can manage). Thank you ‘bag-free’ line.

Major hack: Bring a refillable water bottle or hydration pack– there are a ton of free refill stations to fill up between sets. You don’t want to be stuck overpaying for water or worse, parched. 

While you can’t bring any food into the festival, don’t fret, this is Austin after all. There are dozens of local favorites on-site, from BBQ and tacos to ice cream and acai bowls. Find downtime between your favorite sets to grab a bite at one of the two ACL Eats areas. 

Getting there

Don’t plan on using “traditional” transportation this weekend (unless you like sitting in traffic.) Bird will get you to and from the festival without surge pricing, traffic jams, or long lines. Arrive at Zilker Park and park your Bird in a designated area. (You can find Bird Parking on Toomey or Azie Morton road.) Couldn’t be easier.

Major hack: Try to arrive before 3pm or after 5pm. You’ll be dodging peak time, so you can avoid soul-crushing lines. 

Where to listen

Depends on your preferred lineup for the day. Middle crowd, past the chairs, but not so close that you accidentally end up in a mosh pit, is a personal favorite. ACL goers are surprisingly friendly, so it’s not hard to weave closer to your favorite artists when needed. 

And if you’re in need of music to get you ready pre-ACL, check out Spotify’s 2019 ACL fest playlist. This will be sure to hype you up.

Extreme temps?

No problem. As we mentioned earlier, water bottle. We repeat, water bottle. Other essentials include sunscreen, a bandana for sweat and dust (also because they’re cool), and a visor or hat to keep the sun off your face and neck. 

Exit strategy

When you’re ready to go, avoid the lines and expensive rides and hop on a Bird. And as always, please Bird responsibly.

ENJOY, Austin!

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