Bird’s Impact on the Phoenix Area

Since launching in May 2018, Bird’s shared e-scooters have provided Phoenix area residents and visitors with a fun, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly transportation alternative. From Scottsdale to Tempe, Bird riders have taken more than a million rides in the Phoenix region since launch, or enough miles to travel to the moon and back nearly three times without breaking a sweat.

Bird launched in the Valley of the Sun to help combat traffic congestion, promote sustainable transportation and to provide residents and visitors with a different way to get around—one that decreases congestion, increases commerce and helps fight the climate crisis.

With each ride, everyone from commuters to college students are helping realize this vision, and delivering a range of benefits along the way: they are closing the last-mile gap to other transportation modes, supplying local entrepreneurs with new income opportunities, and supporting local businesses now accessible by e-scooter.

A popular choice in the Phoenix Area

The rapid adoption of shared e-scooters is a testament to the demand for new last-mile transportation options in and around fast-growing metro areas like Phoenix. New options like Bird can help people move freely without a car, even as the area continues to add new residents.

In November 2018 alone, more than 80,000 riders collectively completed more than 240,000 trips, averaging 1.5 miles in distance per trip via Bird (a distance that is often too far to walk for many people).

Integration into the transportation network

Bird is also bridging the ‘last mile’ gap to and from Valley Metro bus and light rail services, helping people complete longer trips without a car. According to a survey of Bird riders in the Phoenix area, 30% of riders used Bird to connect to another mode of transportation on their last trip, one-third of which were public transit trips. The continued growth of shared e-scooters could bring tens of thousands of additional riders within convenient reach of transit in and around Phoenix.

Helping Locals Save on Transportation Costs

By giving people a more affordable way to move without a car, Bird is helping shift trips away from ride-hailing services, easing their impact on growing urban congestion. Bird riders pay just a dollar to rent a scooter, plus a small fee to ride. We estimate that Bird helped riders in the Valley collectively save more than $630,000 in November 2018, when compared to the cost of taking a taxi or ride-hail service for similar trips. There is no need for a costly annual subscription, meaning people can affordably opt for a Bird when it fits their needs.

“Birds make life worry-free! Not only are they extremely convenient for getting around town, but they are also always available when you need them. With Bird, you no longer have to sit in traffic with car-sharing apps.” – Rachel, R., Phoenix, AZ

Decreasing Vehicle Miles Traveled and Avoiding More CO2

Travelers shifting to more sustainable transportation modes like Bird is also having a positive impact on the skies around Phoenix. In a survey conducted by Bird, one in three Phoenix-area riders reported they would have made their last trip by car if it were not for the availability of Bird. By presenting a cleaner option, in one month alone Bird helped avoid 80,000 car trips, the equivalent of 146 metric tons of carbon emissions.

Bird has been embraced by the community and positively impacted the Phoenix area over the course of just one month. We are incredibly thankful for the strong partnerships we’ve built with the cities of Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Gilbert, humbled by the change we’ve been able to jointly achieve thus far, and looking forward to building on that foundation.
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