Birding For Better Air Quality

Paris is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, the city’s air quality has become dangerously polluted. Recent studies indicate that breathing the air on a four-day visit to Paris has an equally harmful health impact to inhaling the microscopic pollutants of two cigarettes. These pollutants, derived from cars, can have damaging effects on our lungs, heart, and brain. To address this, the city of Paris is taking action to transition into a car-less future, and Bird is proud to be a partner.

Every year, April 7th marks World Health Day–a day to raise awareness about public health. With air quality increasingly becoming a health concern, we’re committed to taking action to improve air quality in Paris and the other 100+ cities where Bird operates.

Monitoring the air we breathe

This spring, to improve startling air quality levels across the city, we’re partnering with a local organization to collect real-time data on street-level pollutants. The information collected will be made available to city residents so they can take action in breathing clean air and making their neighborhoods more livable for everyone. Stay tuned!

One Tree Planted

In honor of Earth month and World Health Day, Bird is partnering with One Tree Planted. To reward the embracing of a sustainable transport choice in Paris, we’re pledging to plant one tree for each Parisian (and Bird riders everywhere) who takes 6 rides in the month of April. It’s never been more rewarding to ride with Bird and cut emissions.

Making alternative transport widely available

To improve access to sustainable micro-mobility options in Paris, more Birds will be available in the city starting this week and will be available for an extended period of time each day.

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