Bird x National League of Cities: Informing micromobility of the future

Originally published on National League of Cities.

Bird is a proud sponsor and partner of the National League of Cities because city leaders are key to planning for a sustainable and accessible mobility future. 

The National League of Cities is a U.S. advocacy organization whose mission is to strengthen local leadership, influence federal policy, and drive innovative solutions. 

Bird has written a blog post on best practices in micromobility parking. After a brief look at the history of the car, the post highlights how to plan for scooter parking that stays tidy and clear of pedestrian vehicle paths, enables ubiquitous access with public transit integration to fill last-mile gaps, and supports a low-friction experience for riders. In 2022, e-scooters are in a similar place as the early days of the car. Unlike cars, they have potential to make neighborhoods more vibrant, reduce harmful emissions, and improve space efficiency and safety in cities. But we must determine how to make room for them. 

Read the full blog post here

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