Bird Unveils “Bird Platform” for Independent Operators

Empowers Local Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Manage e-Scooter Fleets and to Join the Movement to Get Cars Off the Road

VENICE, CA (November 27, 2018) — Bird today announced Bird Platform, a suite of technologies, products and services that will give entrepreneurial individuals the opportunity to manage a fleet of shared e-scooters in their community. By applying its demonstrated expertise in service, operations and safety, Bird will offer Bird Platform to help others advance the shared mission of reducing traffic and carbon emissions everywhere.

With the growing demand for access to e-scooters and the mounting evidence that points to their utility in helping improve mobility and reduce short car trips, Bird Platform will provide independent operators with the world-class tools, products and technology needed to efficiently manage a fleet of shared e-scooters. Through Bird Platform, Bird will supply independent operators the vehicles – Bird Zero, Bird’s custom designed and engineered shared e-scooter – a marketplace of chargers and mechanics as well as tools needed to manage an e-scooter business in exchange for a service fee.

“The e-scooter movement has never been just about one company, one city or one way of providing a service. It’s about the collective — all of us and the universal need to invest in a brighter, safer, greener future. A future with fewer cars,” said Travis VanderZanden, CEO of Bird. “We are singularly focused on that future, and we want to do everything we can to make sure more people can contribute to it. With Bird Platform we encourage new entrepreneurs and existing local businesses in all cities to join the effort to get cars off the road. We look forward to this next chapter of shared e-scooters.”

Empowering Independent Entrepreneurs

After signing up for Bird Platform, independent operators can add a custom logo to both their customized website and Bird Zero vehicles to distinguish their business in the markets where they operate. Independent operators will also have access to a marketplace of chargers and mechanics to help maintain and distribute the e-scooters each day, as well as global support resources. Once the fleet is up and running, independent operators will have access to Bird’s portfolio of operational tools to manage and optimize their fleet.

Commitment to Community

Shared e-scooters such as Bird continue to offer essential economic value to cities through programs that provide supplemental income to local chargers and mechanics while not requiring any taxpayer or city funds. To date, Bird alone has reinvested millions of dollars back into communities through these programs. The Bird Platform will extend this investment by providing new entrepreneurs  and existing local businesses like local bike rental companies the opportunity to grow and benefit from a transportation solution that is just as good for the environment as it is for the economy.

For more information about Bird Platform visit:
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