Bird Two’s Rapid Increase in Rides is a Very Good Trend for Micromobility

The early results are in and, for fans of electric mobility, they’re tantalizingly good.

In cities around the world, Bird Two is not only launching but motivating an increasing number of riders to travel further on electric scooters. It’s another very positive trend for a micromobility industry that has seen a resurgence in ridership in countries where coronavirus confinement measures are being safely and strategically lifted. 

“We’re seeing strong increases in rides per vehicle across every one of our Bird Two partner cities,” said Ryan Fujiu, Chief Product Officer at Bird. “We’re also noticing that riders are choosing to travel longer on Bird Two, from 10% all the way up to 70% longer depending on the city. This is a consistent trend week-over-week that indicates not only excitement about the vehicle, but confidence that it can transport riders across distances that may have previously been considered too long for electric scooters.” 

As we reported recently, Bird Two’s waterproof, high-capacity battery has a 50% extended range and, thanks to its efficient EV powertrain, gets more than 1000 eMPG equivalent fuel economy. This makes it both sustainable and reliable for traveling long distances throughout a city without needing to be recharged frequently. 

Of course, stats and figures are one thing, but the opinions of our community say so much more. Take a look at what some recent Bird Two riders are saying, then come take a ride for yourself!

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