Bird Maps Pilot Launches to Encourage Bike Lane Use

Cycling infrastructure is being recognized around the world as the new post-confinement commute

In June, the Mayor of Paris announced her intention to make 50 km of emergency bike lanes permanent, while in late May the Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv stated that her administration will more than double its existing micromobility infrastructure by 2025. In total, some 300 cities have introduced plans to create more than 2,600 additional miles (4,180 km) of slow streets and temporary bike lanes.

So what can micromobility providers do to help make these initiatives as successful as possible? To answer that question, the team at Bird has paired up with Israeli navigation startup Trailze to develop Bird Maps—a turn-by-turn directions app for scooter and bike riders. 

The free, standalone application is designed to help micromobility riders avoid automobile congestion and busy roadways. Simply enter your destination into the app and Bird Maps will provide audio and visual turn-by-turn navigation optimized for the use of bike lanes, quiet roads and wider surface areas whenever possible.

The app, which is available soon on both iOS and Android, will be piloted in Paris, France and Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s the latest in a series of new features and releases, including Warm Up Mode and Quick Start, designed to make the micromobility experience safe and easy for all riders.

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