Bird Helps Lead Germany’s New “Plattform Shared Mobility” Association

Weeks after co-chairing the continent’s first micromobility coalition, Bird is once again proud to team with our peers across the industry to help improve shared mobility services in Europe.

Germany’s new Plattform Shared Mobility is made up of nine of the country’s most significant mobility organizations including Bird, who was named best scooter company in Germany in 2020, alongside Dott, Lime, MILES, SHARE NOW, Spin, TIER, Voi and WeShare. Together we account for more than 145,000 shared vehicles in 67 German cities, used by 8.7 million people.

Through this new association, the founding members of the Plattform Shared Mobility will work in cooperation with elected officials and others to advocate for efficient use of public space, fewer carbon emissions and the safe and responsible use of sharing services in Germany. 

“The data proves clearly that shared mobility services have become an integral part of millions’ of people’s daily lives,” said Alexander Jung, Senior Policy Associate at Bird and representative co-chair of the Micro-Mobility for Europe coalition. “Bird is proud to work alongside our peers in the shared mobility industry to help Germany transition from motorized individual transportation towards more sustainable mobility and more livable cities.” 

The Plattform Shared Mobility will soon open to other service providers as well, including shared bike and moped operators. To learn more about Bird’s leading role in micromobility coalitions around Europe and North America, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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