Bird Kicks Off Global “Women Leading Micromobility” Series in Tel Aviv

It’s time to bridge the micromobility gender gap for good. 

This belief plays a key role in Bird’s mission to provide eco-friendly transportation for everyone. It’s why, in collaboration with groups like the Israel Bike Association and Women in Mobility, we recently hosted the first “Women Leading Micromobility” event in Tel Aviv. 

The event welcomed 150 leaders from across the micromobility space, from the heads of Israeli tech companies to elected officials such as Transportation Minister, MK Merav Michaeli, Environmental Protection Minister, MK Tamar Zandberg and Tel Aviv’s Deputy Mayor of Transportation, Meital Lehavi. Michaeli and Zandberg, who have been prominent leaders in the fight for gender equality in Israel for many years, chose to take part at this important event to encourage more women to discover the benefits of micromobility.

The power-packed morning was spent discussing how government, community organizations and micromobility companies can work together to foster a transportation system that better meets the needs of female riders.

“If we’re to create a micromobility ecosystem that works for everyone, it’s imperative that we design a service that women feel safe and comfortable using,” said Deputy Mayor Lehavi. “ֿEvents like ‘Women Leading Micromobility’ provide a valuable opportunity for women, operators and community leaders to come together, engage with one another in open dialog and begin to make the changes necessary to bridge the micromobility gender gap.”

After the discussion, attendees were invited to participate in a Bird riding workshop conducted by professional instructors. The course included an introduction to the vehicles followed by a test ride focusing on best practices for accelerating, braking, turning and more. 

Our local team in Tel Aviv was happy to provide a fleet of our newest Bird Three scooters for the event, allowing riders to experience firsthand the safety and stability that comes with micro-electric vehicles that have been custom designed by our in-house team of aerospace and automotive engineering experts.

The “Women Leading Micromobility” event in Tel Aviv will kick off a series of similar global events and initiatives designed to support and encourage women’s ridership and help us better meet the needs of all micromobility riders. 

Bridging the micromobility gender gap is an opportunity that’s incredibly important for the Bird team, and one we’ve been watching closely. In November, we reported on a promising trend emerging in Atlanta, Georgia, where women make up nearly 46% of Bird riders. Similar statistics are being seen in other cities, particularly across the southern US.

To stay up to date on all Bird is doing to help increase women’s scooter ridership, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog or follow us on Twitter.

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