Bird Introduces Bird One; Industry’s Most Durable e-Scooter for Sharing and Ownership

Announces Pre-Orders for Bird One; Plans to Sunset Consumer Scooters from Shared Fleet

Santa Monica, Calif., May 8, 2019 – Today, Bird announced Bird One—the newest vehicle in its fleet that riders can purchase or enjoy on the global shared network.

Designed and engineered in the U.S. by Bird’s world-class vehicle team, Bird One is the culmination of tens of millions of rides, cutting edge product design and engineering, safety certifications, and rigorous road tests. Consumers interested in purchasing a limited edition Bird One—available in three colors: Jet Black, Dove White, and Electric Rose—can pre-order at Bird One will also be available for people to ride as part of Bird’s shared fleet of e-scooters starting today.  

Building on its innovation roots and commitment to safety and sustainability, Bird today also announced it will migrate its fleet of shared e-scooters to commercial-grade vehicles such as the Bird Zero and Bird One. The micromobility company will use its M365 model for monthly personal rentals and is no longer purchasing the Ninebot ES. The move aims to provide consumers using shared e-scooters with commercial grade, built for purpose and sustainable vehicles on the road.  

“Nearly two years ago, we launched our sharing business with retail, consumer e-scooters that lasted about three months in the sharing environment. In 2018, we introduced the industry’s first scooter designed and engineered specifically for the sharing market, Bird Zero. Resulting from the commercial-grade aspects of Bird Zero, it lasts over 10 months in the sharing environment on average and is now profitable due to its increased lifespan and battery capacity,” said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird. “Bird One builds on the benefits and learnings of Bird Zero and is forecasted to last in the sharing environment for well over a year. Given the excitement and demand for our next generation e-scooter, we are also making a limited supply of Bird Ones available to own. Now, whether you want to share, rent, or own, Bird provides an option for everyone.”  

About Bird One
Born to ride and built to last, Bird One is the industry’s most advanced and safe e-scooter on the road today for ownership and sharing. Putting the rider at the center of the e-scooter experience, Bird One delivers consumers a comfortable and controlled ride via a vehicle they can rely on to get them where they need to go. Bird One was also built with durability in mind. The new vehicle not only performs more rides in a single day on a single charge, but it will also outlast modified consumer vehicles used for sharing by nearly four times. Owners of Bird One can also expect a longer lifespan. Specific features and benefits of Bird One include:

Extended battery and protection
Two times longer lasting battery and a greater range than any other shared e-scooter available. Bird One also features a unique energy storage system that provides superior resistance against rain and dust and improved operation in inclement weather.

Longer range
A range of up to 30 miles on one charge means more time cruising past traffic to get where you need to go.

Maximum durability
Built to last with a steel-reinforced aluminum frame and durable fixed neck, Bird One has an anticipated sharing platform lifespan over four times longer than consumer e-scooters currently used in Bird’s shared fleets.

World class design
After nearly two years of customer feedback and tens of millions of rides taken, leading engineers with expertise from across EV and micromobility industries developed Bird One. Updated design features include: increased frame density, responsive brake system, no exposed cables, quick access service panels, enhanced lighting, and greater stability on bumpy roads.

Industry’s most comfortable ride
Built to meet the diverse terrain demands of cities, Bird One includes custom-designed semi-solid tubeless wheels for increased protection from flats and a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Highest safety and manufacturing standards
Bird One is certified to the highest level of U.S. and international safety standards covering 31 certifications. These include but aren’t limited to UL 2271/IEC 62133 (Battery Safety), UL 2272 (Personal Hovercraft Safety), CE, ISO 12001 (Safety Risk Assessment). To ensure the highest level of quality for each and every Bird One produced, we worked with a certified ISO 9001:2015 supplier to manufacture Bird Ones.

In addition, Bird One owners can also uniquely enjoy:

App control
With built-in connectivity and GPS capabilities, the Bird app offers Bird One owners the ability to track their vehicle and digitally lock it. Bird One is the only e-scooter available for purchase to offer this advanced technology.

Ride credits
Bird One owners will have $100 in rider credits to use with Bird’s shared fleet of e-scooters.

Peace of mind with Bird’s service centers
Owners of Bird One can have their vehicles serviced or maintained at Bird’s service centers throughout North America and Europe. They also have a one-year warranty on the vehicle.

Anti-theft capabilities
To help owners protect their Bird Ones, Bird will GPS-enable each vehicle, provide a digital lock, and access to the Bird Hunter Network (a team of individuals trained to recover missing Birds).

Pricing and availability
A limited quantity of Bird Ones will be available for purchase in three colors—Jet Black, Dove White, and Electric Rose—for $1,299. Individuals globally can pre-order Bird One at and can expect to receive the vehicle this summer.  

Bird One will also be available to riders in markets where we offer shared e-scooters beginning today with the initial rollout taking place in Los Angeles, and then across cities in North America and via our Bird Platform partners.
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