Canada Joins Bird Bike Expansion With Calgary, Windsor, Edmonton Launches

There’s a new herald of spring in Canada this year.

As summer approaches, more Bird Bikes are joining Bird Canada’s fleets of shared e-scooters in cities throughout the country—beginning with Calgary (AB), Windsor (ON) and Edmonton (AB).

Each city now offers multimodal, micro-electric transportation featuring more than 400 of our distinctive Electric Sky Blue bikes for rent alongside our newest Bird Three scooters. The increased selection is intended to help meet the growing demand for shared micromobility in Canada, where kilometers traveled on Bird scooters jumped more than 300% from 2020 to 2021.

With Edmonton being the most recent city to select Bird Canada as its shared micromobility service provider, Stewart Lyons, CEO Bird Canada commented, “Being selected as a vendor to provide micromobility services in Edmonton this season is a testament to the work our team has done over the years to not only ensure rider safety but to also educate riders on the etiquette of using our vehicles alongside pedestrians and cars, and parking them properly. With both e-scooters and e-bikes available, those living in or visiting Edmonton now have the option to choose the micromobility service that works best for each trip. While our e-scooters are great for short trips, our e-bikes provide a fantastic option for traveling longer distances.” This supports a variety of initiatives throughout the communities served by Bird Canada, such as Summer Streets, which aim to increase bike lane availability and usage.

Every shared Bird Bike comes equipped with a high-powered motor capable of helping Canadians coast up hills with as much as a 20% grade without breaking a sweat. Additionally, our bikes feature Bird’s advanced onboard diagnostics and geospeed technology, multi-mode geolocation, and high-durability pneumatic tires for safe, smart and efficient bike share operations.

The launch of Bird Bikes in Canada comes amid a host of new shared bike launches in the United States and Europe as well. In recent months, cities including Madrid, Cleveland, Lexington and South Bend have joined Newark, Rome, Bordeaux and others in offering a fully multimodal fleet of Bird e-bikes and e-scooters.

To learn more about new multimodal launches that are expanding access to micro-electric transportation in Canada and around the world, subscribe to the Bird City Blog. You can also find information about new launches and safety events hosted by Bird Canada by following them on Twitter @BirdRideCanada and Instagram @BirdCanada.

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