Bird Selected to Launch Safe, Accessible Scooters in Seattle

Bird is coming to the Emerald City.

Seattle this week announced that Bird has been selected as one of three operators to serve the city’s 750,000 residents. 

In a blog post announcing the decision, the Seattle DOT noted that “Bird operates in over 400 cities and has a demonstrated commitment to safety and sustainability. They will bring their newest Bird Three scooters to Seattle, which offer a safer ride and longer battery life than their earlier models.”

The permit will allow Bird to deploy up to 2,000 scooters throughout Seattle in an effort to help reduce dependence on personal cars and provide greater access to safe, sustainable micromobility.

A Commitment to Safety, Accessibility and Proper Parking

Bird is committed to being both a trusted city transportation partner and a contributing member of the Seattle community. 

Our Bird Three scooters come equipped with design features and technology that include the industry’s longest and most stable footboard, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Beginner Mode for new riders as well as custom designed tubeless tires that absorb significantly more vibrations than semi-solid tires with shocks.

We also unveiled our revolutionary Bird Visual Parking System (VPS) this week, powered by Google’s ARCore Geospatial API, to help provide cities like Seattle with the most precise and scalable parking technology available.

In addition to our technology, Bird has made it a priority to connect and partner with local organizations such as Defy Ventures and Transportation Choices Coalition, and has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation on a tree-planting initiative in Seattle. We’re also proud to offer our exclusive On-Demand Accessible Mobility program in Seattle in partnership with Scootaround to help ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from micro-electric transportation.

Learn More

New to Bird in Seattle? We’ve got you covered. Our team has put together a series of helpful guides to get you started riding safely and in compliance with the rules. 

You can also learn more about Bird’s advanced technology and upcoming launches by subscribing to the Bird Cities Blog.

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