Manage a fleet of Birds in your city
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Why Bird?

Bird’s Fleet Manager program is a global program for logistics providers and small businesses interested in making their neighborhoods cleaner, safer, and less congested by managing fleets of Bird e-scooters.

Make more money
With every ride on scooters you manage
No upfront costs
Get started quickly for a limited time
World class support

Tools, guidance and live support
Better community

Cleaner air, safer streets with every ride

Get paid weekly

Earn over $1,500/week1

Get paid weekly
Make money on every ride
Vehicles make money for you

What do I need?

Access to a warehouse

You’ll need space to store and care for your fleet.

An electric vehicle to carry Birds

for deployment, relocation and collection.

Experience running a business

This isn’t a gig, you’ll be managing your own business.

Help us change the world

by reducing carbon emissions and traffic with micro-EVs

Ready to become a Bird Fleet Manager?
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Rethink urban mobility

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