Bird is committed to sustainable and affordable transportation for the whole community.

Bird’s Community Plan allows riders to pay the discounted price of 50¢ to unlock and 7¢/minute to ride Bird’s kick scooters – up to 4 rides/day.

Pay with cash

Add a cash balance to your Bird account across a network of participating retail locations.

No smartphone, no problem

Text-to-ride works on any phone with SMS Capability, including smartphones without data plans and basic phones.

Community Pricing

Senior Citizens, US Veterans, and individuals participating in a state or federal assistance program can qualify for 50% off Bird Rides.

Enrolling in one of these programs is easy.

Simply submit proof of eligibility, such as a license showing you are 65+, Medicaid Card, SNAP or a discounted utility bill through the link below. Just a few minutes can help you save on a sustainable way to commute or explore your city.

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Rethink urban mobility

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