Bird to Showcase Eco-Friendly E-Mobility Suite at CES 2022

Bird’s E-Mobility Suite will take center stage at CES 2022.

As the global pandemic continues to change transportation habits and reinforce the importance of safe, personal mobility, we’re making it easier than ever to experience our fleet of sustainable micro-EVs.

It’s the first time Bird’s complete E-Mobility Suite, made up of the e-assist Bird Bike, the Bird Flex e-scooter and the Birdie Glow children’s kick scooter, will be on display at the world-renowned consumer tech trade show in Las Vegas. Our 3,500 square foot interactive booth will allow visitors to see, touch and learn about each of these vehicles in detail. We’ll also be providing data and insights on how Bird riders are helping reduce carbon emissions in more than 350 cities around the world. 

“Effective climate action means bringing eco-friendly behaviors into all aspects of our lives, including transportation,” said Brian Buccella, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and Government Partnerships. “Given transportation is the largest contributor of GHG emissions in the US, we’re committed to electrifying this critically important industry while also making it more fun and efficient for everyone.”

In addition to our consumer vehicles, we’ll also be showcasing some of our industry-leading shared vehicles at CES including the Bird Three e-scooter and shared Bird Bike. The safety and dependability of these micro-EVs helped our riders generate more than $100 million in incremental spending in cities and save over 1.1 million gallons of gas in 2021.

Bird’s new E-Mobility Suite was first announced earlier in December when we introduced our newest two scooter models and all three E-Mobility Suite vehicles became available for purchase at Target and on To learn more about Bird events and launches happening throughout the year, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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