The New Electric Bird Bike Is High-Tech, Eco-Conscious Fun You Can Own

Bird’s mission has always been to bring eco-friendly mobility to everyone. Today, we’re unveiling the next major step that will bring us even closer to that goal. 

Introducing the new, electric Bird Bike you can own. 

As global demand for consumer e-bikes climbs to record levels, we’ve fully equipped our first Bird Bike with exciting, eco-friendly technology designed to turn dull commutes into fun adventures all while providing an alternative to carbon-heavy, short distance car trips.

It features a Bafang electric motor that delivers up to 50 miles (80 km) of range, a removable 36v battery for easy charging, a chainless Gates Carbon drivetrain and a fully integrated backlit handlebar dash display—everything you need not only to make the switch from gas-powered cars to micro-electric mobility, but to make everyday cycling a joy.

“The demand for consumer e-bikes has never been greater, and neither has the need for innovative vehicles that get riders excited about cycling,” said Bird Chief Vehicle Officer Scott Rushforth. “That was our north star when developing the Bird Bike. It has a sleek, aluminum alloy A and V-frame design that gives it a look that’s both familiar and cutting-edge. Combined with a smooth, powerful motor and a manual thumb throttle for instant acceleration, it’s a riding experience engineered to make you want to leave the car at home—or replace it altogether.”

Bird Bike Features

The Bird Bike was created by the same in-house team of vehicle design experts and engineers that revolutionized electric scooter riding with vehicles like the recently-launched Bird Three.

The high-performance experience starts with the Bafang rear hub motor designed to make any commute a breeze. Paired with Bird Bike’s 36v / 12.8Ah removable battery, the motor can deliver up to 50 miles (80 km) of extended range. Riders in the EU and UK will have access to 250W of continuous rated power in line with local regulations, while US riders can experience 500W of electric support. 

To keep maintenance simple, we’ve equipped the Bird Bike with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. Its advanced, no-stretch carbon cord technology means it will last significantly longer than a traditional chain while delivering smooth, efficient power with every pedal.

Then there are the touches that make the Bird Bike a joy to ride. We’ve drawn on our experience facilitating hundreds of millions of scooter rides to develop a thumb throttle that adds an extra burst of e-acceleration whenever riders need it. Similarly, our easy-to-read LCD display is based on our scooter designs. It’s integrated directly into the handlebars, helping riders easily keep track of speed, distance, battery life and more. 

Check out some of the other great Bird bike features below: 

  • Commercial-grade aluminum alloy frame for increased durability 
  • Kenda puncture-resistant tires for hassle-free city riding
  • Integrated, high-visibility LED Lights for 180° visibility any time of day or night
  • Max e-assist speed of 20 mph to keep every ride efficient and under control
  • Safety certified and IP65+ water resistant for added security and peace of mind
  • Fully adjustable seat height to accommodate riders of all sizes
  • Radius CX7 mechanical disc braking for assured stopping power
  • Bluetooth and app connectivity to keep riders connected

More E-Bikes, Fewer Gas-Powered Cars

Emerging data shows just how important e-bikes are to reducing the number of gas-powered cars on our streets. 

According to a recent report in Cities journal, levels of the toxic chemical NO₂ dropped by as much as 40% in major metropolitan areas like New York City, Paris and Milan during the first pandemic lockdowns in 2020. This is largely due to the fact that cars in these cities were almost completely absent from urban roadways.

At the same time, the demand for alternative means of transportation has never been higher. Pre-pandemic reports estimated that e-bike sales would top $20 billion USD by 2023, with more than 40 million units sold worldwide per year and a combined 130 million between 2020-2023. Those numbers are now expected to increase. The EU anticipates that, by 2030, e-bikes will outsell both traditional bikes and registered passenger cars alike.

“The future of urban transportation is electric, so we’ve designed the Bird Bike to help meet the needs of riders both today and into the future,” said Rushforth. “Expanding Bird’s product line into high-quality e-bikes enables us to increase our serviceable addressable market by billions of trips per year and, more importantly, deliver on our goal of providing eco-friendly transportation to everyone.” 

Learn More

The launch of the consumer Bird Bike comes shortly after Bird announced the rollout of our smart bikeshare program for cities and a pilot partnership with Scootaround offering on-demand accessible mobility. 

Limited quantities of the Stealth Black and Gravity Gray Bird Bike are available now on for MSRP $2,299. Both the step-through (V-Frame) Bird Bike and the step-over (A-Frame) Bird Bike will be broadly available this Fall from leading retailers in the US, followed by European retailers later this year.

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