Bird Unveils New Adaptive Program as Part of NYC E-Mobility Pilot

Bird’s new adaptive program is live in the Bronx, marking the latest addition to our expanding suite of initiatives designed to increase e-mobility access for the disability community.

At the center of the program is a battery powered attachment compatible with most wheelchair models. With its 350-watt motor, lightweight removable li-ion battery and separate forward and reverse throttles, the attachment allows Bird program participants to more easily navigate hills, inclines and long distance trips throughout the city.

“Bird’s adaptive program is already helping me move faster and accomplish more,” said Bronx resident Eduardo Hernandez, one of our first program participants. “The new speed is awesome. It makes supermarket visits and other errands significantly easier, and it’s incredibly useful with uphill climbs that would otherwise be very tiring.” 

After extensively testing the devices in our own facilities, our technicians worked with all Bronx program participants to install the necessary attachments and adjust speed settings and controls before taking them out for a test ride. 

Bird is proud to offer our adaptive service completely free of charge to participants in the Bronx as we work with the NYCDOT to help ensure e-mobility access for all during the city’s first shared micromobility program. 

“This is a great addition to the accessibility of micro-mobility in the Bronx,” said Jose Hernandez, President of United Spinal Association’s New York City Chapter. “Bird’s program will greatly benefit members of the New York City Chapter of United Spinal Association who are individuals who predominantly use wheelchairs. I am also excited to see what other innovations are made in accessibility within the micro-mobility space in the Bronx and beyond.”

Increasing Adaptive and Accessible E-Mobility Access

The unveiling of Bird’s new adaptive program in the Bronx comes after the initial launch and subsequent expansion of our unique on-demand accessible mobility program with Scootaround. 

With Bird and Scootaround, persons with disabilities can find, reserve and pay for any of several accessible vehicle types using a custom rider interface available only in the Bird app. Bird riders benefit from exclusive pricing discounts and have unique access to Bird accessible vehicles including the WHILL Model Ci2. 

The program is currently available in the Bronx, San Francisco and San Diego. To get the latest updates on expansions to our newest vehicles and programs that support our mission of bringing eco-friendly transportation to everyone, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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