3 Advantages Only Bird E-Scooters can Bring to New York City

After years of hard work, e-scooters are now officially legal on the streets of New York City. Its much-anticipated shared scooter pilot won’t be far behind. 

Now is the time to focus on the micromobility issues that will have the greatest impact on the city’s 8.5 million residents—things like rider safety, transportation equity, traffic reductions, transit access and infrastructure improvements.

As the pioneers and most experienced operator of shared e-scooters, Bird is proud to offer New Yorkers the expertise and technology that can only come with our years of industry leadership. Here are three key advantages that our best-in-class vehicles and New York-based team can bring to the Big Apple. 

1.) Inclusive Access and Community Pricing

Bird believes in building mobility solutions that work for all New Yorkers. That’s why we’ve developed a two-pronged approach to transportation equity: 

  • For NYCHA residents, SNAP recipients and low-income individuals on state and/or federal financial assistance, our Bird Access Program offers unlimited 30-minute rides for just $5 per month
  • For veterans, seniors and select nonprofits and community organizations, our expanded Community Pricing Program offers a 50% discount on all Bird rides

Shared e-scooters can be instrumental in bridging the transportation gap across all of New York’s boroughs. We’ve believed that from our first demonstration in Bed-Stuy more than two years ago to our ongoing events and helmet giveaways in places like the Rockaways.  

We’re proud to offer the micromobility industry’s most inclusive equity pricing program to help all New Yorkers get mobile and stay mobile.

2.) Uncompromising Vehicle Safety

“Custom scooters are expensive to design and manufacture — but they’re worth every penny,” Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden recently wrote in Streetsblog NYC. “They enable [us] to invest in advanced diagnostic systems, waterproof batteries and seamless designs with fewer parts and better fault checks for uncompromised safety.”

It’s true. Bird’s fleet of custom scooters in New York City will be equipped with the industry’s safest battery, protected by unmatched IP68-rated waterproofing and, unlike swappable batteries, securely locked from would-be thieves or vandals. Each vehicle’s industry-leading diagnostics will run millions of autonomous fault checks per day to test for everything from a flickering tail light to a loose brake. And each frame is durable enough to withstand more than 60,000 curbside impacts, keeping New Yorkers stable and secure no matter what road conditions they’re riding on.

We’re proud to be the only operator in the industry offering these and many other unique vehicle features focused exclusively on keeping our riders and communities safe. 

3.) Innovative Approach to Rider Education

Education will play a big role in the success of New York City’s shared e-scooter program. That’s why Bird has developed innovative ways to not only teach our riders about micromobility, but incentivize proper scooter riding behavior as well. 

  • Bird’s industry-first Helmet Selfie feature promotes helmet use by financially rewarding riders who wear them
  • Bird’s industry-first Warm Up Mode feature allows new riders to choose softer acceleration for a more comfortable learning experience
  • Bird’s industry-leading geofencing precisely slows and stops riders on sidewalks and prohibits parking in unauthorized areas

These and other exclusive technologies, in addition to our in-app rider education and ongoing in-person helmet giveaways and tutorials, will help ensure that Bird’s New York riders know and abide by the city’s micromobility rules.

Bird’s Continuing Commitment to New York

Bird is the only shared e-scooter provider with experience serving New Yorkers, and we’re both humbled and excited to use this knowledge, as well as our experience enabling hundreds of millions of rides all around the world, to help make transportation equity, vehicle safety and innovative education a reality in New York City’s upcoming e-scooter program.