Sustainable Giving: Bird’s Eco-Friendly Mobility Gift Guide for the Holidays

This holiday season, giving the gift of sustainable mobility is more important than ever.

Bird has spent years developing programs and vehicles designed to reduce dependence on gas-powered cars and provide eco-friendly transportation for everyone. 

Our retail electric bikes and scooters, from the award-winning Bird One to the brand new Bird Bike, are more than novel gift ideas. They are expertly designed vehicles that can help you and your loved ones make the switch to micro-electric mobility, all while reducing CO2 output in your community and saving money on fossil fuel costs.

They’re also an absolute joy to ride. 

Bird Bike

Bird Bike is a high-performance electric assist bike perfect for urban commutes and everyday rides. 

Available in A-Frame and V-Frame designs, our engineers have equipped Bird Bike with a Bafang electric motor with up to 50 miles (80 km) of range, a removable 36v battery for easy charging, a chainless Gates Carbon drivetrain and a fully integrated backlit handlebar dash display.

Shoppers in the US can find Bird Bike at and on the Bird Shop at special Black Friday pricing. 

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Bird Air

Bird Air combines the convenience of a portable, foldable electric scooter with the high-tech features and durability you expect from Bird.

Bird Air is perfect for urban commuters and anyone looking for a new way to get around their neighborhood in a fun, eco-friendly way. Its top speed of 16 mph (25 km/h) and range of up to 16 miles (25 km) are ideal for commuters heading to and from work or just riding with friends and family. It comes equipped with smart bluetooth connectivity and can update its software automatically via the Bird App.

Shoppers in the US can find Bird Air at at special Black Friday pricing. Bird Air is also sold at trusted retailers globally. 

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Bird One

Bird One brings the advanced safety, technology and durability of shared scooters to retail customers. 

Equipped with a reinforced frame, a larger battery for longer rides and built-in GPS technology for added protection, Bird One is designed to be a sleek and reliable vehicle for all of your short-distance transportation needs. It marked a turning point in the shared scooter industry because it was the first vehicle designed and built by Bird’s in-house team of aerospace and automotive engineers.

Shoppers in the US can find Bird One at, while our new partnership with Back Market in France allows French customers to enjoy attractive pricing on end-of-life models.

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Sustainable mobility habits start young. 

Our non-electric, kick-powered Birdie is an excellent way to introduce children ages 3 and up to the joy and freedom of micromobility. The three-wheeled kids’ scooter is designed with an intuitive lean-to-steer frame, an ultra-wide footboard and a height adjustable T-bar to grow right along with them. 

Birdie is available on the Bird Shop and at trusted retailers around the world.

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