Bird and Yelp Team Up to Help Super Bowl Fans Experience LA

Bird and Yelp LA are teaming up to help football fans get the most out of their trip to the big game.

As tens of thousands of fans descend on SoFi stadium to watch Los Angeles take on Cincinnati, Bird and Yelp LA will provide them with easy access to the many incredible local shops and restaurants the City of Angels has to offer.

All Bird riders in Los Angeles will be able to take a free ride up to $5 on one of our industry-leading e-scooters the week before the big game and throughout Super Bowl weekend. Yelp and Bird will share the promotion across social media and other platforms, including to hundreds of thousands of followers via our Yelp LA and Bird Instagram accounts. Yelp Elite members will also have access to a unique discount code all their own.

“Bird and Yelp share a common goal of supporting local businesses by giving them greater visibility and access to customers,” said Rebecca Hahn, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Bird. “By teaming up with Yelp LA leading up to Super Bowl weekend, we’re able to help reduce traffic congestion, provide greater access to sustainable mobility and help football fans experience all the world class sights, sounds and tastes available here in Los Angeles.”

In 2021, Bird riders spent an estimated $100+ million at local shops and restaurants. Visitors to LA leading up to February 13 can quickly and easily browse all of the top-rated restaurants in the city using the Yelp app, then unlock a Bird to get them there quickly and sustainably.

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