Bird Two Launches in Bordeaux to Help City Meet Sustainability Goals

Bordeaux’s new Mayor Pierre Hurmic made one thing clear shortly after being elected earlier this summer: the days of car-dominated city streets are numbered. 

“In urban development, 70% of roadways are dedicated to cars even though they represent just 29% of trips in Bordeaux,” he said in July. “I don’t necessarily want to prohibit cars, but instead create a new balance, even if, in the long term, I think we’ll move towards a ban.” 

To help the city’s new administration make this ambitious initiative a reality, Bird is launching a fleet of new Bird Two electric scooters in Bordeaux this week. Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics running millions of scans per vehicle per day, a waterproof, best-in-class battery with a 14,000 mile lifespan and a custom designed frame capable of withstanding 60,000 curbside impacts, Bird Two is the most advanced and sustainable shared e-scooter available.

“Bird shares Mayor Hurmic’s strong concern for the environment, and we’re committed to helping the City of Bordeaux achieve its goal of creating a green and sustainable city for all residents to enjoy,” said Driss Ibenmansour, GM of Bird in France. “Our Bird Two electric scooters will make it easier, safer and more ecological to get around all while helping reduce dependence on private cars in Bordeaux.”

Bird’s local operations team will be focused on keeping streets neat and orderly. To that end, we’ve implemented our integrated parking solution starting on Day 1 in Bordeaux which will only allow riders to finish a trip in an approved parking zone designated by the city. We’ll also be continuing our work with local French recycling organizations to maintain recycling rates above 95% for ferrous and non-ferrous materials and 86% for e-waste components.

The first B2s are set to launch in Bordeaux on Friday, August 14, giving riders another way to enjoy the city and make the most of Mayor Hurmic’s expanded cycling infrastructure. 

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