Bird Two Adds “Beginner Mode” to Increase Scooter Safety for New Riders

As an e-mobility provider, it is not enough to simply meet safety standards; we must exceed them in all that we do. 

That’s why the team at Bird is proud to launch Beginner Mode, a new safety feature built for the Bird Two alongside autonomous emergency braking, skid detection and the industry’s only IP68-rated waterproof battery.

Beginner Mode is a gentle acceleration option that lets new riders gradually work their way up to full speed. It’s perfect for riders who may not have much experience riding shared scooters, as well as for those who simply prefer a softer acceleration out of the gate.

In a test ride and survey conducted with new first-time Bird riders aged between 20 and 35, all participants indicated that they felt safer having access to a softer acceleration option:

“That’s the ideal for me, that gradual increase,” said 20 year old test rider Rebecca, noting that Beginner Mode still allowed her to reach full speed on the vehicle. “Now I don’t even want to drive anywhere, I actually want to just take this instead.” 

To activate Beginner Mode, simply tap a clearly-marked button in the app or visit Settings > Ride Mode to enable the feature. The safety feature was initially piloted last year on our Bird One scooters. In response to feedback from cities and riders, we’re rolling out Beginner Mode on all of our newest Bird scooter models just in time for spring and a surge of new Bird Two launches in cities around the world. 

“By improving the safety of our vehicles through features such as Beginner Mode, we’re working towards our goal of improving the health and safety of entire communities,” said Brendan O’Driscoll, VP of product at Bird. “We know that reducing unnecessary car trips in cities helps keep our streets safer and our air cleaner. When riders feel secure on Bird scooters, they’re more likely to rely on them regularly for essential short-distance urban trips. That’s what we’re striving to accomplish every day.”

The launch of Beginner Mode comes just weeks after Bird released our Ride Better safety campaign, including the industry’s first driver education video series designed to help create safer city streets for everyone. 

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