Bird Selected as Part of Newark’s First Scooter and Bike Sharing Program

The most populated city in New Jersey has selected Bird as one of two operators to serve in its first micromobility program. 

NewarkGO, the formal name for Newark’s highly anticipated new bike and scooter sharing pilot, is intended to increase mobility access for residents and visitors citywide. Planning for the program began in 2018 with help from philanthropic consulting organization Bloomberg Associates. Up to two thousand total vehicles will be made available to communities in every ward, including Bird’s first mixed fleet of one thousand Bird Three scooters and Bird Shared Bikes

“While our schools, offices and businesses continue to reopen, we can only truly recover when all Newarkers can access all that our city has to offer, and that’s what NewarkGo makes possible,” said Mayor Ras J. Baraka. “This safe, fast and affordable service is the first new mode of transportation Newark has seen in decades, and I look forward to partnering with these world-class companies to build stronger connections between communities and open up new avenues of opportunity for people in every corner of this city.”

To help forge these stronger community connections, Bird has been working closely with local organizations to inform every aspect of our operations. This includes teaming up with the Metropolitan Baptist Church on outreach efforts designed to educate residents on all things micromobility—from how to ride and park Bird vehicles in Newark to the availability of community pricing programs and ride pass options.  

We’ve also been working with the NJ Reentry Corp, a non-profit agency dedicated to removing barriers to employment for citizens returning from incarceration, to help recruit local Fleet Manager logistic partners. Our goal, alongside the City, is to ensure that the benefits and opportunities afforded by micromobility are available to everyone.

“Mayor Baraka is setting a national example for cities during the recovery by bringing more opportunities within reach of every neighborhood,” said Janette Sadik-Khan of Bloomberg Associates, who launched the nation’s largest bike share program in 2013 as New York City Transportation Commissioner. “These bikes and scooters represent an entirely new transportation system for Newark, making it more accessible, equitable and affordable than ever to get around.”

Bird’s upcoming launch in Newark follows our selection earlier this year as one of three micromobility operators to participate in New York City’s historic first shared scooter program. Together with our service in Yonkers, we’re honored to be the largest scooter provider in the NYC Metro Area. 

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