Bird’s New Quick Start Feature is like Keyless Entry for your Scooter

Get on and go, no scanning required.

That’s the idea behind Quick Start, an industry-first feature that allows Bird riders to easily activate a nearby scooter simply by walking towards it. No need to scan the QR code: Quick Start will automatically detect when a Bird vehicle is within range and offer riders the opportunity to unlock it with the tap of a button. 

Early testing shows that riders using Quick Start are able to “switch on” their scooters 2x faster than those using the traditional scan-to-unlock method, saving valuable time. 

“Our product, design and development teams are continually striving to innovate and push the industry forward for the benefit of our community,” said Scott Rushforth, Chief Vehicle Officer at Bird. “Quick Start is the latest industry-first feature to emerge from this collaboration, and it’s one that we believe will deliver riders a more magical micromobility experience.”

Activating the feature is as easy as enabling your phone’s Bluetooth. If you’re within range of an available Bird scooter, a “Start” button will automatically appear in place of the “Reserve” button shown to riders farther away from the vehicle. Once tapped, simply step on and start riding.

Quick Start is available in many of our partner cities starting today, and will be increasingly made available to riders around the world in the coming weeks. 

The new feature comes one month after our team announced the development of Warm Up mode, a gentle acceleration option designed to help scooter riders feel comfortable and build up confidence after months of confinement.

We’ll continue to keep innovating to ensure that your ride is as safe, efficient and enjoyable as possible.Test out Quick Start on your next Bird ride and let us know how we’re doing.

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