Bird Expands E-Mobility Access in Arlington With Bike, Scooter Permit Win

The National Capital Region is getting more multimodal. 

With a population of over a quarter million and a location directly adjacent to Washington, DC, Arlington has awarded Bird the top spot in its strategic effort to increase sustainable, two-wheeled transportation in the city.

Bird’s advanced e-scooter fleet in Arlington will increase to a maximum of 667 vehicles in 2022, the highest of any permitted operator. Additionally, we’re also honored to have been selected to launch a fleet of 150 e-assist Bird Bikes in Arlington. This combined multimodal service will allow us to better serve the sustainable mobility needs of even more riders in the city.  

Since launching in Arlington in 2018, Bird has helped residents and visitors travel nearly a million miles on our shared e-scooters. A recent in-depth study on the spending habits of scooter riders from Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business lets us calculate the economic impact our vehicles have had on small businesses in Arlington—an estimated $750,000 in additional incremental spending in 2021 alone!

Multimodal Momentum Builds Globally

Bird’s multimodal permit win in Arlington comes on the heels of several other Bird Bike launches that have already taken place in the first weeks of 2022.

Earlier this month, the first Bird Bikes rolled out in Newark, New Jersey as part of our multimodal permit to participate in the city’s first micromobility program. Days later, our shared e-assist bikes were deployed in Amersfoort, Netherlands, adding another important European country to our growing network of markets served by the Bird team globally.

To learn more about our highly advanced Bird vehicles and partner city launches happening around the world, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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