Bird Announces €1 E-Scooter Rides in Spain and Portugal This Week

The week of July 13-19 is set to be warm and sunny across the Iberian Peninsula, and Bird wants to make sure people can enjoy the weather and support their local economies in a safe, sustainable and socially distant way. 

That’s why we’re offering riders in Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid and Malaga up to 15-minute rides for just €1 on our electric scooters this week. There’s no code to enter or promotion to scan, simply unlock a Bird vehicle using your Bird app in any of the four participating cities and you’ll automatically receive the discount. 

Don’t worry if your trip is particularly lengthy: a local per minute fee will be applied after 15 minutes for those who’d like to keep riding without interruption.

Our €1 rides in Spain and Portugal come as the shared electric scooter industry is experiencing a global resurgence, particularly in countries across Europe. In Germany, Bird recently launched our Frequent Flyer Program in more than a dozen cities to respond to and reward the increasing number of individuals using scooters to minimize the environmental impact of their essential daily trips.

Similarly in Paris, bike and scooter records are being broken thanks to the mayor’s ongoing efforts to increase protected cycling infrastructure and the arrival of a fleet of highly anticipated new Bird Twos.

Click here to find out more about micromobility trends happening post-COVID, and enjoy the safe summer riding!

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