In Italy, Bird and Zig Zag Bring Local Multimodal Mobility to Life

The best multimodal mobility services begin with strong local partnerships.

That’s why Bird has teamed up with Zig Zag, an Italian e-moped provider, to offer riders in Florence, Italy a more robust micro-electric transportation service. Built around the shared learnings and expertise of two of the country’s leading electric mobility operators, the partnership simplifies urban mobility while supporting local businesses.

“Delivering the best, most sustainable mobility solution for cities and riders means working in partnership with, not competing against, the local service providers who know them best,” said Renaud Fages, Global Head of Operations at Bird. “Micro-electric vehicles are helping replace tens of millions of short-distance car trips every year, and Bird is committed to increasing that number by providing access to sustainable mobility solutions for everyone—whether they’re traveling two kilometers or ten. Our vision of accessible, city-first micromobility is built around effective local partnerships that pair Bird’s industry-leading custom scooters with the best local micro-EV operators like Zig Zag.”

To view nearby Zig Zag vehicles, Bird riders need only open the Bird app. Available e-mopeds are clearly displayed alongside Florence’s fleet of industry-leading Bird Two scooters. Once tapped, riders will be taken seamlessly to the Zig Zag user interface to complete their rental.

The integration, which we plan to launch in additional Italian cities this year, was developed as a way to broaden and simplify local riders’ access to sustainable transportation without monopolizing choice. 

“Our partnership with Bird is helping establish a new industry standard, one that benefits riders, cities and local businesses alike,” said Zig Zag founder Emanuele Grazioli. “Integrating with Bird has given millions of scooter riders the opportunity to experience the benefits of e-mopeds, whether they’re local to Florence or visitors to one of Europe’s most renowned and beautiful cities. When operators like Bird and Zig Zag cooperate to make more clean transportation choices available, everyone wins.”

The announcement of Bird and Zig Zag’s multimodal partnership comes just a week after we joined with the North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) to promote and participate in the group’s annual “Roll to Work” initiative. Bird is a proud member of NABSA. 

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