Watch: OneDay, Bird Partner to Deliver Food to Elderly During Lockdown

When micromobility providers and local community groups come together for a common purpose, inspiring things can happen—even in some of the most challenging circumstances. 

That was the case this month in Tel Aviv, when Bird and social volunteering organization OneDay teamed up to deliver food to elderly city residents. 

With the country’s second coronavirus lockdown still in full force, many of Tel Aviv’s most vulnerable seniors were left immobile during the weeklong Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The team at OneDay was quick to respond, gathering local volunteers together to deliver baskets of food to those unable to leave their homes. 

Bird was honored to lend a hand as well. Because micromobility vehicles are ideal for navigating city streets quickly, cleanly and efficiently, we offered the free use of our electric scooters to OneDay to help with their deliveries. The result was a collaborative partnership that successfully delivered more than 50 meals to senior citizens across Tel Aviv. 

“We often encounter one major challenge when distributing food in the city center: limited parking spaces,” said Elad Blumenthal, CEO of OneDay. “The collaboration with Bird has given us a great solution to this challenge. Our OneDay volunteers no longer have to look for parking spaces in the vicinity of an elderly person’s home when delivering food. Bird’s transportation solution connects exactly to the values ​​by which OneDay operates and allows us an easy, flexible, convenient and fun way to distribute food packaging to those who need it.”

OneDay works with tens of thousands of young people every year to facilitate volunteer activities throughout Israel. According to Blumenthal, the association was “flooded with dozens of calls from aid seekers, volunteers and even outsiders who work in food transportation” after the collaboration was first announced.

We’re honored to work with local organizations in our partner cities to help improve lives and mobility for everyone. It’s the reason we were proud to offer free rides to medical professionals in Tel Aviv and other cities around the world in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, and it’s why we recently expanded our Community Pricing Program as well. 

To get in contact with us, visit our contact page or subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog to learn more about community initiatives happening in your area.

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