Travis VanderZanden, Horace Dediu to Kick Off Micromobility World 2022

After four years, we’ve learned a lot about how micromobility impacts cities and riders around the world. 

It’s time to not only discuss those insights publicly, but use them to help better understand where the industry is headed throughout 2022 and into the future. 

On Wednesday, Jan 12, Bird Founder and CEO Travis VanderZanden will sit down with renowned industry analyst Horace Dediu to do just that. The conversation, entitled The Macro of Micromobility, will kick off this year’s Micromobility World virtual conference. Travis and Horace will explore the global trajectory of the multibillion dollar micro-EV industry, from its infancy to the pandemic and beyond.

It’s the first time Bird’s CEO has spoken at an industry conference since we became a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange in November, a milestone that enabled us to leverage the power of the public markets to advance our mission of providing eco-friendly transportation for everyone.

You can find all the relevant information below to be a part of this incredibly insightful Micromobility World conference:

  • What: Micromobility World: The Macro of Micromobility
  • When: Wednesday, January 12, 2022
    10:15am – 11am PST / 1:15pm – 2pm EST
  • Who: Travis VanderZanden and Horace Dediu
  • Cost: Free
  • Sign Up: Click here to sign up for free!

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