Sustainable Resolution: Green Mobility Orgs to Support in 2021

Haven’t made any new year’s resolutions yet? We’ve got an idea.

Along with cities and micro-EV companies like Bird, many important nonprofits and other groups are working to reduce traffic congestion and promote cleaner, healthier modes of transportation all around the world. 

If you’ve got time, expertise or resources to donate in the new year to help make communities more sustainable, here are some organizations that will put your support to good use.


Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Forth is committed to transforming the way we get around by advancing electric, smart and shared mobility. Their year-round advocacy initiatives include demonstrations, conferences and electric showcases all aimed at making transportation more sustainable. 

We’re proud that our Senior Director of Government Partnerships, Maurice Henderson, sits on the board at Forth. 

Learn More and Support Forth

EV Noire

EV Noire is a national, US-based organization focused on all aspects of electric mobility from best practices to equity. Co-founded by Dr. Shelley Francis, EV Noire develops innovative programming and initiatives to advance sustainable transportation with partners like Tesla and the National Renewable Energies Lab.

In addition, they approach their work from a social justice lens that provides creative solutions as well as equitable outcomes.

Learn More and Support EV Noire

Streets for All

Streets for All was created to help clean the air in one of the largest and smoggiest cities in the US: Los Angeles. By advocating for important mobility initiatives such as protected bike lanes, dedicated micromobility infrastructure and pedestrian curb improvements, Streets for All is taking bold action to create complete streets that will benefit all LA residents. 

Learn More and Support Streets for All

The Climate Group

The Climate Group is an intentional nonprofit organization with offices in London, New York and New Delhi. Along with a network of more than 300 multinational businesses, they are advancing bold initiatives to tackle climate change. Among these is EV100—a plan to make electric transportation the new global normal by 2030.

Learn More and Support The Climate Group

UN Global Compact

In October, Bird was proud to be accepted as the micromobility industry’s first signatory of the UN Global Compact. The worldwide initiative encourages companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles on things like human rights and the environment.

The UNGC’s Sustainable Development Goals provide an important framework for guiding all businesses, including those in the transportation sector, to take action in protecting our planet.

Learn More and Support the UN Global Compact

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