Scoot Launches New “Bird Two” in San Francisco

“Bird Two” Marks New Standard of E-Scooters

San Francisco, CA, January 30, 2020 – Today Scoot, owned by Bird, launched its new Bird Two, a next-generation e-scooter that will roll out in San Francisco beginning today. Bird Two is projected to be the longest-lasting shared e-scooter on the market, delivers an improved rider experience, and provides added features to benefit cities and riders. After initially rolling out the Bird Two in Los Angeles last year, San Francisco will be the first city to have an exclusive fleet of up to 1,000 of the new Bird Two e-scooters.

“With each new generation of electric vehicle we bring to San Francisco, fewer San Franciscans have a need to get in a car. Bird Two continues this trend with industry-leading performance, range, and safety features, allowing our riders to replace even more of their car trips with micromobility,” said Michael Keating, Founder of Scoot, and Senior Vice President for Cities at Bird.

About Bird Two

Bird Two represents an unmatched advancement from a city, rider, and hardware experience. The electric vehicle has a variety of unique designs and features that set it apart from other e-scooters and make servicing and maintaining the vehicle easier and more efficient. Bird Two highlights include: 

  • Longest lasting Battery: To help riders get where they need to go and to avoid impact from extreme weather temperatures, Bird completely re-engineered the Bird Two battery. This first of its kind battery management system allows Bird Two to operate even more safely and with performance optimized for significant temperature variations. 
  • Autonomous Damage Sensors: Inspired by the advanced diagnostic technology found in automobiles today, Bird Two features self-reporting damage sensors. With these sensors, Scoot mechanics can more easily and rapidly address aspects of the vehicle that need attention and rapidly remove them from the road until they are repaired. 
  • “Connected” Scooter: The Bird Two is the latest generation smart scooter that utilizes sensors and machine learning to self-diagnose and report nearly 200 unique events, such as potentially dangerous humidity changes in the battery encasement.
  • Seamless Design Increases Safety: To increase safety, the design and engineering team at Bird worked to ensure that Bird Two was seamless. The absence of excessive exposed screws helps create a more sleek design while also reducing injuries and vandalism. 
  • Industrial-grade Anti-Tipping Kickstand: Bird Two features an industrial-grade anti-tipping kickstand that is uniquely designed to withstand the elements of the shared micro-mobility market while reducing the chances of a vehicle being knocked over when parked. Early data indicate the new kickstand results in the Bird Two being upright 99.4% of the time.
  • Theft Prevention Encryption: Building on Bird’s proprietary OS that powers the brain of each of its vehicles, Bird Two includes enterprise level anti-theft encryption. The added encryption helps deter theft and protects riders from potentially malicious hacks that other e-scooter OSes are susceptible to. 
  • Puncture Resistant Tires: With nearly two years of operational data, Bird determined that flat tires resulting from poor road infrastructure and sharp objects found on city streets caused a decrease in the reliability of vehicles and lead to time-intensive repairs. Bird Two builds on these learnings and features puncture resistant tires that not only deliver riders a more reliable and comfortable ride but will decrease repair and maintenance demands. 


Bird Two is now available in the Scoot Kick app and the Bird app in San Francisco. For more information, visit

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