New Bird Partnership With WeGo Is a Micro-Transit First for Nashville

“Micro-transit” is coming to the capital of Tennessee.

The term describes the increased reach of public transportation when paired with micromobility, and a new partnership between Bird and Nashville’s WeGo public transit agency is helping more riders benefit from this clean, cost-effective alternative to driving.

Here’s how it works.

Using data provided by WeGo, Bird has identified commonly used bus stops that are likely to benefit from micromobility parking zones with consistently available e-scooters. We’ve then worked with the agency to strategically enlarge our service area in Nashville-Davidson County to allow these bus stops to be easily accessed.

Riders traveling to and from Nashville using popular thoroughfares like Nolensville Pike, Gallatin Pike and Murfreesboro Pike can now complete their journeys using a combination of shared scooters and public transportation as opposed to gas-powered cars.

Bird will regularly share insights from the program with WeGo to evaluate how it can be improved and whether more local transit stops can benefit from available e-scooter parking.

A Growing Trend in Public-Private Mobility Partnerships

Our micro-transit initiative with WeGo is the most recent in a growing series of public-private partnerships designed to support public transportation providers around the world. 

When Washington, DC metro rail service was severely disrupted in late 2021, Bird automatically discounted rides to assist commuters and help ease congestion on city roadways.

Other partnerships include our international integrations with local public bikeshares, multimodal partnerships with SNCF in France and Trenitalia in Italy as well as in-app integrations on platforms like Skipr and Tranzer in Belgium.

To learn more about Bird’s commitment to supporting transit and car-free, multimodal transportation around the world, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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