A Message to Our Global Community

The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is a tragedy that impacts all of us. 

Bird’s global team is made up of individuals who live in and work from hundreds of cities around the world. This includes partners in the Ukraine and across Eastern Europe. Our first concern is for their wellbeing, and we have received assurance from our local partner Scroll that their team members are safe and provided for while they continue their fight for freedom and democracy. 

In light of Russia’s aggressive actions, we are providing resources to our team to better understand the conflict and to support the people of Ukraine. Bird will match employee donations made through our internal donation platform, and we will continue to take measures both collectively as a team and individually as concerned citizens to live by our values and support one another during this incredibly unsettling and difficult time. 

These actions may be small in the face of the immense challenges that are now facing Ukraine, but we hope that they are meaningful. Together we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to this destructive conflict. 

– The Bird Team

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