In Kyiv, Scooters Are Helping Local Businesses Reopen

Photography: Vitaliy Selyk

It’s difficult for cars to navigate damaged city streets strewn with anti-tank obstacles. That’s where shared scooters come in. 

As some businesses begin to reopen in Kyiv nearly two months after an unprovoked Russian invasion failed to take the Ukrainian capital, micro-electric mobility is demonstrating a utility and versatility few would ever have imagined necessary. 

The local government has asked Scroll, our local platform partner in Ukraine and Georgia, to deploy a fleet of shared e-scooters free of charge in order to help residents of Kyiv return to work and local businesses. Because of their electric propulsion and easy maneuverability, scooters have proven to be a helpful transportation asset in a capital city still reeling from the effects and disruptions of war. 

Of course, the team at Scroll has answered the call. Scooters have been provided to facilitate commutes, food deliveries and more in an effort to support Kyiv residents and speed up local recovery efforts.

“Our first commitment is to the people of Kyiv, helping them return to work to bolster the local economy and defend and rebuild Ukraine,” said Giorgi Tughushi, CEO of Scroll. “We will continue to work closely with the government in Kyiv, along with our dear local colleagues in Ukraine, to ensure Scroll scooters remain available to support national recovery efforts.” 

Since 2020, Scroll has been operating in eastern Europe, providing micro-electric transportation services in cities including Tbilisi, Batumi and Kyiv.

To learn more about our efforts to support Ukraine, read our recent letter to the global Bird community, or visit the Scroll contact page to get in touch and see how you can help.

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