Getting Bird Parking Right: Germany Edition

Today, Bird is proud to operate in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Munich. We’re investing in Germany for the future and envision serving many more cities to come. 

We have a dedicated team of experts at Bird focused on parking – where to park, how to properly park, and how we can make this process easier for our riders and for the communities we operate within. 

To bring this to life in Germany, we launched one of Bird’s parking solutions – parking nests. This technology encourages riders to park in specific areas that cities are reclaiming for micro-mobility (very exciting!) This in-app experience directs riders to dedicated parking spaces using visual reference points, real-time navigation, and GPS enabled alerts informing them once they are within an approved parking space. For example, a rider looking to visit the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin, can locate appropriate on-street e-scooter parking spaces closest to the museum, see the address and images of the space, and get turn-by-turn directions to their destination.

In Germany, we’re also testing an enhanced experience to encourage riders to park appropriately by offering incentives to riders who park within these parking nests; and Bird’s advanced no-parking zones that leverage geo-fencing technology to block riders from parking in restricted areas. 

To complement these efforts and ultimately provide a multi-faceted solution to parking, we offer extensive education on riding and parking etiquette and have developed a suite of parking tools. In addition, we employ a network of Bird Watchers who monitor our e-scooters to locate poorly parked or tipped over vehicles and right them.

We partner with cities to identify popular e-scooter routes, origins and destinations, and install dedicated on-street parking to accommodate these new forms of micro-mobility—which are only expected to grow as the public demands liberation from car dependency. We’re thrilled to partner with several cities throughout Germany and look forward to growing our community base around the world. 

As the company that pioneered the e-scooter sharing market, we’re always evolving and finding new industry-leading ways to work with the cities we operate in. We’ve seen huge success in Paris and Tel Aviv where preferred parking has helped keep the streets tidy. We’re committed to making sure Bird has a positive impact in every city we operate in – especially in Germany where we’re just getting started.”  – Patrick Studener, Bird’s VP and Head of EMEA.
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