Say Hi, Electric Sky: Why Bird Has a New Blue Look

The world has changed. So has Bird. 

After four years spent working with cities to decarbonize transportation and a global pandemic that radically altered our everyday lives, we decided it was time for the Bird brand to evolve.

At our core, we’ve always been motivated by several distinct ideas: freedom of movement, cleaner air, community connection. This is what micromobility is all about, and it’s what many of us have had to give up, at least in part, over the past eighteen months. 

So we searched for something joyful and aspirational to bring to the Bird experience, something that better reflects both the company we are today and the optimistic vision we share for the future.

What we found was a color: blue. Or, to be more specific, Electric Sky Blue.

Why does this color work well for Bird? Well for starters, it’s symbolic of the outdoor world we’ve all been deprived of recently. After months spent confined to four walls, there’s something cathartic and inspirational about the sight of an unencumbered blue sky. 

This was a good start. 

Beyond its ability to recall the beauty of nature, we found that it also helped highlight an important promise we make to cities: to provide eco-friendly transportation for everyone. If we’re to succeed in our mission, Bird must help facilitate communities that are cleaner, safer and more mobile than they were before we arrived. Nothing is more representative of that promise than a clear blue sky free from smog and pollution. 

Finally, while some shades of blue can evoke feelings of cold or absence, we found that Electric Sky Blue has the opposite effect. It’s warm, cheerful and approachable. Much like our vehicles, it’s an invitation to come together as a community. In fact, it’s one of its characteristics we appreciate about it most of all.

Of course, there’s much more we could say about the thought, deliberation and emotion that went into developing our new brand color palette, but you’ve probably got things to do. And besides, sometimes it’s more enjoyable to discover and interpret things for yourself.

We hope you’ll find some unexpected joy in this small but meaningful change, and that your experience with Bird will be even brighter because of it. 

Enjoy the ride,
The Bird Team

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