Bird, Fly and MVM Work Together to Increase Electric Mobility in Budapest

The largest energy provider in Hungary is working together with Bird to increase electric mobility access in Budapest.

With over 140 photovoltaic plants, the MVM Group is the market leader in solar energy in Hungary. Now they’re expanding their focus on electric and micro-electric mobility, supplementing an existing network of 600 electric car charging stations throughout the country with an investment in Bird scooters in the nation’s capital.

The micromobility program, managed by Bird’s local partner Fly, has kicked off with over 700 state-of-the-art Bird scooters available for local riders and plans to increase operations in the future to meet rising demand.

“Micromobility has pivoted from something that was initially seen as more for tourists to a mode of transportation that many local residents are using,” said Zsolt BERTALAN, Chief Technology Innovation Officer of MVM Group. “As mobility needs around the country evolve, MVM is growing to meet them. By partnering with Bird and Fly, we’re able to support a micromobility ecosystem that is beginning to thrive in Budapest and perhaps even in more cities throughout Hungary.”

Micromobility is indeed showing signs of rapid growth in the Hungarian capital. Thanks to new infrastructure implemented in response to the pandemic, an estimated 3,000 cyclists per day are now traversing the city’s bustling József körút, or Grand Boulevard, and plans are in place to overhaul the ring road connecting the Margaret and Petőfi Bridges with permanent micromobility lanes.

A recent survey conducted by the Hungarian Cyclists Club shows that a majority of Hungarians would cycle during the week if more protected infrastructure was available.

As our local partner Fly continues to work hand in hand with the local administration in Budapest to implement more micromobility parking zones that will encourage multimodal transit use, MVM is furthering its investment in micromobility as well. The next proposed project will consist of a series of eco-friendly charging stations for Bird and other shared scooters, with help from Hungarian startup Rollin.

For more information on how Bird and our local partners are increasing micro-electric mobility access in Budapest and throughout Europe, subscribe to the Bird Cities Blog.

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