Bird Bike Enters Booming UK E-Bike Market With Halfords Launch

Halfords is bringing the all new Bird Bike to the UK, and the timing couldn’t be better. 

The storied retailer is offering Bird’s game-changing e-assist bike in the UK at a moment when demand for e-bikes in the country has reached a fever pitch. Since early 2020, e-bike sales in the UK have increased 60%, contributing to the 300 million expected in circulation worldwide by 2023.

Bird Bike was meticulously designed by our team of aerospace, automotive and micromobility engineers, meaning it’s equipped with all the high tech features necessary to make everyday cycling a joy in the UK. These include a powerful 250w Bafang rear hub motor, integrated LED lights, a backlit handlebar dash display, a removable li-ion battery for easy charging and up to 100 km of e-assist support.

Halfords will offer two models of the Bird Bike: the step-over A-Frame available now and the step-through V-Frame that will be available this summer. Available colours include Stealth Black, Gravity Grey and Starling Blue.

“We are thrilled to be the exclusive launch partner for the Bird Bike in the UK, which will be available online at Halfords,” said Rebecca Blewitt, Buyer for Electric Bikes at Halfords. “The new bike is such an innovative design and we can’t wait for our customers to get their hands on one!”

The launch of Bird Bike in the UK comes on the heels of our shared e-scooter program’s extension and expansion in several UK towns and cities including Redditch and Canterbury.

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